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Booster station

Boost your irrigation

To irrigate your crops, you use a pump that pumps water from a well to your irrigation machine. If the distance between the submersible pump and the crops is too great, a booster station – or intermediate station – can be the solution.

A booster station builds up the necessary pressure and pumps the water over several kilometres. And if you have a lake or pond, a booster station is especially suitable.

Plug & play

OC Group offers the ideal solution for bridging long distances between the water source and the crops: a Plug & Play booster station.

This booster station is installed in a 20 FT High Cube container, which allows you to close the booster station easily or move it at any time. In combination with two pumps, the station pumps 300 m3/hour to your irrigation machines. The booster station is equipped with sensors and PLC control. You are always assured of the perfect pressure and flow on your irrigation machines.

OC Group can also help if you are looking for an installation with a reduced or larger capacity. Our engineers always design the solution based on your requirements and wishes!

OC Group designs, manufactures, assembles and tests the entire installation in-house. The installation is delivered Plug & Play, a matter of connecting the suction and discharge pipelines and the connection to the electricity network.

Our engineers install the booster station in accordance with your own application, considering all correct pressure and flow settings for your specific irrigation machines. The laying of pipes between the booster station and the irrigation system is also in good hands with OC Group. We guarantee that your installation will be delivered safely and according to the specifications. To this end, we extensively test the system and provide the booster station with CE marking.

OC Group’s services reduce lead times to a minimum thanks to full in-house engineering, manufacturing, assembly and mounting. If you’re looking for a trusted partner for your Plug & Play booster station, OC Group is the one for you.


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