Efficient harvesting

Efficient harvesting requires an efficiently designed and manufactured machine. One where functionality and productivity are key. A harvesting frame must be easy to transport in the rear linkage of your tractor. And it must, or course, comply with all legal requirements for machines attached to the rear.

safe & EFFICIeNT broccoli harvesting

OC Group offers you a harvesting frame with space for seven cubic boxes. All seven boxes can be positioned at the same time at an angle of 45°. This makes harvesting broccoli a lot safer, more efficient and more pleasant. During loading, the cubic boxes slowly tilt backwards.

Safety is guaranteed because each individual cubic box is secured hydraulically. The complete control system of the machine is equipped with sensors, so that no cubic boxes will come loose in the event of human error.

The entire machine is suspended in the rear linkage of the tractor, with the machine hovering above the crop and allowing a minimal turning circle of the combination. This limits damage to crops to a minimum when changing lanes.

During transport by road, the machine is hydraulically folded. This complies with the maximum legal requirements for machines in the rear linkage. Above all, the broccoli harvesting frame can be easily operated from the tractor cabin.

We extensively test each machine at OC Group and provide it with a CE mark. You can rest assured that your machine will be delivered in a safe manner and according to the specifications. OC Group’s services reduce lead times to a minimum thanks to full in-house engineering, manufacturing, assembly and mounting.

If you are looking for a trusted partner for your custom-built machine, OC Group is the right one for you!


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