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Wide track tractors

Built-on axle extension

Some agricultural applications require a wider track. OC Group knows all the ins & outs and is your trusted partner when it comes to designing custom-built axle extensions for tractors!
For OC Group it is important to maintain existing machines in the original state as much as possible, also when it comes to adjusting, improving or modifying. The OC Group engineers design axle extension parts which can be built onto the existing axles.

The current axles remain intact, allowing you to put your tractor back on its original track within one day. Complete customisation without loss of existing machine.

OC Group has equipped several tractors with a built-on axle extension.

Tailor-made axle extension

At OC Group we focus on your requirements for axle extensions, track widths and applications. Our engineers measure all critical parts to the millimetre and, if necessary, make a complete 3D scan of the machine. The critical parts are converted into a specialist 3D software program in which the OC Group engineers design the complete axle extension.

The complete construction is calculated in terms of strength and tailored to your activities. After the design phase, the result is presented to you. After inspection and your approval, OC Group manufactures all parts to the tenth of a millimetre, using a flatbed laser and CNC machines.

We extensively test each machine at OC Group and provide it with a CE mark. You can rest assured that your machine will be delivered in a safe manner and according to the specifications. OC Group’s services reduce lead times to a minimum thanks to full in-house engineering, manufacturing, assembly and mounting.

If you are looking for a trusted partner for your built on axle extension, OC Group is the right one for you!


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