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over 50 years of experience

Passion for technology

The passion for technology is in our DNA. With more than 50 years of experience, OC Group has grown into a major national and international supplier of agricultural machinery, sprinkler systems and custom-built machines.

We take your vision and develop it into the perfect product. We analyse, model and produce, always focusing on your requirements and wishes. We will consult with you to develop the most efficient solution, together with our engineers. You can leave it all to us.

Thanks to our wide range of high-quality and innovative machines, combined with our skill and expertise in customisation, we deliver the machines and products you need. Our pragmatic approach gets you the solutions that let you work more efficiently and effectively. Solutions that let you move with the times.

Agricultural machinery

OC Group originated from Coppens Mechanisatie, operating in mechanical engineering for agriculture since 1967. 

Coppens Mechanisatie is, together with Steenbergen Mechanisatie, your partner for agricultural machinery. Click on the buttons to visit their websites.

Go & Grow farm solutions​

Go&Grow Farm Solutions is a partner of OC Group. Go&Grow is active in africa supplying the right quality machinery for your farming operation, including maintenance, extensive implementation of the machines and training for your team on site.

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