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engineering at OC Group

Expertise and knowledge in the field of engineering is a must when it comes to agriculture. OC Group has both.

OC Group has its own engineering department for the development and production of custom-built machines and structures. Our engineers can:

OC Group supports you throughout the entire process, from initial design to final delivery. We do this based on your quality and product requirements, because you are our source of inspiration.

production hall

We design and manufacture the agricultural machinery and structures in our own production and assembly hall. This takes time. Our machines are tested extensively to make sure we can offer you the most efficient solution. And we are constantly responding to trends and developments.

Completely carefree,
regardless of location

Sometimes, a machine cannot be assebled completely in the factory, for example when it is part of a larger installation. In that case, we will assemble and install the whole thing at your location.

Because our machines are developed and built entirely in-house, we have everything under control from the initial concept up to and including installation. For example, many of our agricultural machines are delivered as tailor-made and turnkey. As a customer, you provide all the information and we develop and produce the right machine including controls. Also during and after the commissioning of your machine, we are happy to be of service to you. In this way we relieve you of any concerns and together we create a perfect result.

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