high clearance trac

Manoeuvrable, with high ground clearance

A proper distance is essential for some agricultural applications. OC Group understands this and its High Clearance Trac is an effective solution.

OC Group originally designed the High Clearance Trac for fruit trees. This machine allows simple processing of trees and other crops without damaging them. The 1700 mm ground clearance and a 65 hp engine allow the High Clearance Trac to travel rows of special crops effortlessly.

Freedom in the right size

The High Clearance Trac is not only perfect for trees, but also for a wide range of delicate row crops. This machine’s track widths can be customised completely to the client’s wishes and needs. OC Group supplies numerous – easy to exchange – hoeing elements, weed brushes and types of knives for this robust machine. Even the option for chemical weed control can be customised and adjusted to any desired spray width.

Its excellent price-quality ratio gives the High Clearance Trac just the ground clearance you need, the way you want it!

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